Why Artisan Deli?

artisan deli, premium cold meats

“The only cold cut products with these infusions in India, and perhaps, even at a global level.”

Artisan Deli boldly announced its foray into the cold meats market with its whisky infused cold cuts. 

Artisan Deli is differential in its approach from the on-set. Where India is nascent in premium quality cold cuts, Artisan Deli has covered giant grounds in the cold meats world, with the introduction of its range of nine uniquely flavored cold cuts. 

Artisan Deli has been crafted by seasoned restaurateurs who have had intense and global food and cuisine exposure for over two decades. The range of cold-cuts focused on making reality outstanding taste of cold cuts and a healthy choice for the discerning modern consumer. Most of our products are hence gluten-free and no added MSG or hormones, and in compliance with guidelines at every stage of food production. It comes with wide variety of frozen deli like Bacon, Ham, Sausages, Frankfurters, Mortadella, and more. 

Artisan Deli evolved from the need to produce processed meats that stand a class apart purely based on their flavour, the quality of the ingredients and their presentation. The cold meat concoctions boast whisky infused, mac & cheese, India’s unique and famous Tellicherry pepper, cheddar smoked, as unheard-of options, and globally illustrious. Artisan Deli is poised to reach global locations in the latter half of 2021. 

Founders of Artisan Deli

Bennet & Bernard Group is a diverse business house and started Artisan Deli Premium Cold Cuts as our third line of business. We are acknowledged as Goa’s Best Realty Developer 2020, having captured the Luxury segment of Goa’s Realty market. Bennet & Bernard are also pioneers of world-class restaurants operating in Goa and Portugal. The business operations extend in India, Portugal and Thailand. 

The founders are personally invested in every creation for our consumers. Whether our unique homes or each crafted dish is intimately developed and understood before it is placed before the customer. With the same passion and endeavor, Artisan Deli came into being. At Bennet and Bernard, we believe in creating a brand the consumer will be happy to have as part of their lifestyle and Artisan Deli is the preferential choice, in the high-quality consumable product it is. 

Our quest to link our past, present and future is aimed at creating a luxury lifestyle product, true to our values and ambitions which keeps us researching for new products, recipes ideas that all incorporate century-old traditions that have been elevated and perfected through the advancement of technology and science.