Pastéis de Nata

A Tradition Relived

Every time one visits Portugal, it is requisite that they must try out the proverbial Pastéis de Nata.
In the 18th Century Catholic monks in Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Monastery, based in Lisbon, began crafting this unique dessert. For centuries it has remained a favourite among many. Today, it is a vintage delight for the sweet tooth, where one can vouch that the interaction of textures is extraordinary. Artisan Deli is thrilled to launch this precious gem of rich Portuguese experience, to the masses.

Our expert chef de pastelaria uses the most sought-after ingredients to create this beauty. Pasteis de Nata not only awakens the cultural sentiment of the Portuguese era deeply embedded in Goans but also invites the gourmand to encounter this skilful craft. 10th June marks the occasion of the National Day in Portugal, Artisan Deli is happy to announce the launch of “Pasteis de Nata”.