What Makes The Tellicherry Pepper So Unique?

While black pepper is one of the essential spices of life, many people don’t know about its varieties. Primarily, there’s the Malabar black pepper that we all use in our kitchens, and then there’s the Tellicherry black pepper, a premium version of the condiment. 

Originally, Tellicherry pepper was classified based on the place of its origin, that is, Tellicherry, the anglicized version of Thalassery, which is situated along the Malabar coast. However, apart from where it’s grown, the Tellicherry peppercorn is also distinguished based on its size and flavour.

The Tellicherry peppercorn is grown from the same plant as regular pepper, but once the fruit forms, it is allowed to mature until it is ripe on the vine. As a result, these peppercorns grow larger than 4.25 mm and develop a more robust and complex flavour.

Black pepper and Tellicherry pepper vary in flavour so much that it’s almost impossible to believe that both peppers come from the same plant. The aroma and taste of Tellicherry pepper are more concentrated than the usual black pepper.

Tellicherry pepper is considered a high-grade pepper on account of its complex flavour profile, its ability to substitute back pepper and enhance the taste of any food that requires pepper. While the base flavour remains the same, the Tellicherry pepper, has pleasant citrus and woodsy notes that elevate the taste of any savory dish.

At the Artisan Deli by Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy, we use the Tellicherry pepper to enhance the flavours of our curated cold cuts naturally. Like our meats, the ingredients used to cure and prepare them are of the highest grade. We understand how the quality of consumables can impact your health, and that’s why we do not compromise on the standard of ingredients that go into our premium cold cuts.

We are focused on delivering cold cuts that add considerable value to your meals, your health, and your life. For this reason, our meats are also entirely gluten-free, devoid of added MSG or hormones, and compliant with the statutory guidelines set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

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