Protein-rich Breakfast Can Make One’s Health, Body and Day Better

“The best way to live is to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”. Now scientists have proven the historical maxim correct. Talk to any leading nutritionist on the patterns and rhythms of good eating habits. It’s almost certain they will list in their top-two pointers, protein-rich sources to be included in your breakfast bowl. Protein-rich breakfast comes with its array of benefits which are unavoidable and undoubtedly undeniable. Throwback to the start of your day, were you topped with a carbs-rich breakfast with high sugar cereals or high-calorie foods? Not exactly ideal. The reason, high carbs in breakfast may make one feel hungry more often and in turn, end up adding more weight. Again, not exactly ideal (for most of us at least). A great start of cold cuts to appease the hungry tummy in the morning that allows the energy for the rest of the day with hardly any fear of putting on weight is a fair and must-try option.

Now you may be wondering why having a protein-rich breakfast can make you feel full and prevent you from unhealthy snacking too often. That’s what the researchers have been working on rigorously. In case you are topping yourself with the novel, handcrafted cold cuts devoid of artificial colours or flavours, nitrite, hormones, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and glutens at the start of the day, you are certainly one step healthier than your peers. Why? Because consumption of high protein meals enables your body to release ghrelin, a hunger hormone that works magic in keeping your satiety and fullness to their peak. Also, you get ample opportunity to make the healthiest food choices later in the day.

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