5 Unique and Strange Types of Bacon Found Across The World


When you hear the word bacon, what’s the first thing you think about? Pork, right? Well, you might be surprised to know that there’s a lot of pork-free and even meat-free bacon out there in the market. Some of these bacon alternatives are rather strange, but who are we to judge!

To give you an idea of the heights people have taken bacon to, we have listed five unique types of bacon that are going to make you say,What! That exists?”

To be fair, the name itself is confusing. “Eggplant” and “bacon” in the same sentence? It comes across as a shock to meat lovers, but such a thing as veg bacon is out there in the world. Eggplant is said to be a great substitute for your meat cravings, but we don’t know how far that statement is true.Coconut bacon is another substitute to pork bacon, and many swear that it tastes like the real deal. When salted, spiced, and baked to perfection, coconut bacon has only subtle hints of its original taste. However, can it replicate the glorious taste of pork bacon? We’ll let you decide.

Elk and deer are both different species, yet they still have fat that gives their meat a lovely smoky flavour. This makes for unique and tasty bacon. To savour its authentic flavour, you can smear a layer of honey over it and enjoy it as a delicacy in itself.

Wild boar meat is dark in color and has a more flavoursome taste than domestic pork. This bacon produces a yummy, smoky flavour and aroma when cooked. Since wild boars roam around all day, burning fat, their meat is more protein-rich and nutritious.

It is traditional bacon from Russia and Ukraine that is mainly white pork fat. It is widely available in many other countries in Eastern Europe, and its preparation style is unique to each region. Some people prefer it fried, others season it with salt and garlic and eat it with bread. However, in Russia, they like to pair it with vodka!

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