The Story Of World Famous Cold Cuts

Cold cuts are some of the most genius foods that were ever invented. Have you ever wondered how would some of us survive without the delicious pepperoni pizza and juicy hotdogs? Every food has its own story behind it, and here’s a glimpse into the history of cold cuts.

  • The sausage was invented in 3100BC in Mesopotamia and the first people to make sausages were Sumerians. It’s interesting to know that most dishes were probably best to be avoided back then as there was poor food hygiene and their life was aimed at the survival of the fittest.
  • Ever heard of Sujuk? Sujuk (also Sucuk) was hot and spicy made from beef and sumac, cumin, garlic, pepper, and salt. It was invented circa 1000BC in Turkey.
  • The invention of Lap Cheong happened during the periods of 580BC – 300AD in China. The Chinese started making sausages in 580 BC and Lap Cheong was created in 300 AD. It is now sold in different countries and many of them have created their own version of it.


  • The invention of Merguez happened circa 1300 in North Africa. It is a spicy sausage that was dried because of the high African temperatures for longer shelf life. It was made from chili pepper and beef and painted orange. Additional seasonings such as sumac, garlic, and harissa give it a flavor bomb. Merguez is now found all over the world in many countries.
  • Bratwurst was invented in the year 1313 in Germany. Throughout the years, it has been a tradition to have Bratwurst along with beer. A key difference between the brat and a hotdog is the rough and thicker appearance of a brat. 
  • The delicious Mortadella was invented in the year 1376 in Bologna, Italy. They produced a massive looking sausage made of pork and fat. Occasionally some extra ingredients were added to give it some extra taste and texture.
  • The invention of Frankfurter happened in Germany in the year 1484. It is a hugely popular sausage throughout the world, especially in the U.S.  Although it is commonly accepted that the Frankfurter was first made in Frankfurt there is still an argument that Vienna first produced this sausage. 
  • The invention of Chorizo happened circa 1600 in Spain. Spain began receiving spice deliveries that included chili around 1600. This enabled them to make the characteristic red chorizo that we love today. It spread to other parts of the globe: the Portugal and Mexico neighbors both have their own tasty versions.

We hope you enjoyed this blog-bite, stay hungry for the next one!

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